M440 7th Floor, Q2L

Client: NYC SCA

M440 Bayard Rustin Educational Complex, Manhattan, NY

Size: 10,000 sf
  • Complete Renovation of existing underutilitzed Play Area on 7th floor
  • Floor layout development for a new school with curriculum based on computer games
  • Design development of traditional & non-traditional classrooms in historic building
  • Construction Documents for new school spaces including: Classrooms, SMARTlab, Principal Office, Guidance Office, Lounge Area, Toilets and IDF closet
  • Collaboration with the school principal on selection for flexible furniture to promote learning and creative thinking
  • New wall and ceiling acoustical treatment
  • Scope Report/Schematic Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Administration

Dropped acoustic ceiling panels were used as an economical design element, to improve the acoustics while maintaining the full-height windows.  These acoustic panels also provided a canvas on which to reference the pixelated visual identity of the school.  This pixelated pattern was then employed prominently throughout the school as a formal design determinant.